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Wellbeing Week at Centria 16.–20.11.

Wellbeing Week at Centria 16.-20. November 2020


Monday 16.11.2020

12.00 Feel the beat, Open Stage concert @ Amphi, Talonpojankatu Campus, Kokkola, Music pedagogy students

13.00 Let's learn Finnish - you feel like home (for international students), Teams, Diana Pinna Petrova, online event

14.00 Efficiency and wellbeing, Tiia Lumilaakso, online event


Tuesday 17.11.2020

12.00 Welcome to take part in wellness week & Info about volunteer friendship @ Amphi, Talonpojankatu Campus, Kokkola

12.00–14.30 Talonpojankatu Campus, Kokkola

  • Ask anything about home economics, Eija Tuukkanen, Martat
  • Take part to volunteer friendship, Hilkka Lehtinen & Taija Savolainen, SPR, The Red Cross
  • Tips for studying and everyday's wellbeing, Students Councellors
  • Show up Koronavilkku, you'll get an overall badge

14.00 Wellness bingo @ Amphi, Talonpojankatu Campus, Kati Kotka & Sini Hotti

15.00–17.00 Masentaako kaamos? - Nyyti ry:n chat (in Finnish)

18.00 Jogging together, COPSA
Start in front of Talonpojankatu Campus at 6 pm.


Wednesday 18.11.2020

18.00 Trivia Night @ Amphi, theme: wellbeing, COPSA
Team enrollments 5.30 pm, trivia starts at 6 pm. Teams should be 1–3 persons and the maximum amount of teams is 15.

18.00 Lapsekasta menoa Children's concert, Conservatory Hall (Pitkänsillankatu 16, Kokkola) Music for children and childlike

20.00 Suuri kansanmusiikkikonsertti, Conservatory Hall (Pitkänsillankatu 16, Kokkola) Centria's Folk musicians fill the stage!


Thursday 19.11.2020

18.00–20.00 Onko motivaatio ja jaksaminen tahdosta kiinni? - Nyyti ry:n chat (in Finnish)

Other Nyyti ry's chats in November

Tuesday 24.11. at 15–17: Miten selvitä uupumuksesta? (in Finnish)

Thursday 26.11. at 18–20: Hur mår du? (in Swedish)

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