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The release of the preparedness group of Centria 11.5.2021

The hospital district of the Central Ostrobothnia Soite’s area has now moved to the acceleration stage due to the infection chains and exposures during the last few days: https://korona.soite.fi/en/corona-virus-info/. The number of participants in events and at meetings is now limited to 10 people.

The preparedness group of Centria UAS asks staff to make sure that the restrictions are followed in all the situations. The meetings should be arranged remotely or online. Remote work is also recommended.

The retake exam in Talonpojankatu campus will be held on Wednesday 12.5.2021. Only 10 persons can be in the same space, including the supervisor.

Further information:

Director (teaching) Jennie Elfving, p. 040 090 3929, jennie.elfving@centria.fi 

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