The preparedness group's decisions on 5 May 2020

On 3 and 4 May, the Finnish Government held an informal meeting and decided to start lifting the restrictive measures gradually. This decision allows the universities of applied sciences to start using their premises as of 14 May. The preparedness group of Centria UAS has decided as following on their meeting on 5 May:

The teaching will be done remotely for the rest of the spring semester. However, exams and teaching sessions for small groups can be held at the campus between 14-31 May. During that time the restrictions must be followed and gatherings over 10 people are not allowed. As from 1 June 2020 the gatherings can be up to 50 persons.

The preparedness group of Centria UAS suggests that personnel will still work remotely but work at the campuses is now also allowed. Work trips should still be avoided. Both internal and external meetings shall be arranged remotely or online if that is possible.

The people at higher risk group should continue to work remotely.

It is possible to use the self-service at Centria’s libraries between 9am-15pm.

If you are working at or visiting Centria’s premises, make sure you keep at least 2 meters distance from others, take good care of your hand and other hygiene and obey the current gathering restrictions.


Further information:

rector, CEO Kari Ristimäki, tel. 044 725 0310

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