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The preparedness group of Centria UAS, 4 January 2021

The preparedness group of Centria UAS held its first meeting of the year on Monday 4 January 2021 and stated about the current Covid-19 situation in the area:

The teaching will continue in a hybrid model as it was done during the previous autumn semester. It is suggested that teaching will be done remotely. Only the necessary teaching (such as exams and laboratory practices) is organized on our campuses. The aim is that we can at least partly return to the campuses during the spring semester.

Remote work and the use of face masks are recommended on all of the campuses.

At Soite’s area (in the Central Ostrobothnia), the gatherings are restricted to 10 persons until 17 January 2021. The same 10 person restrictions are also valid in the Kallio area in Northern Ostrobothnia and Pietarsaari.

The students who arrive from the countries outside Finland must stay in quarantine for 10 days unless they have been tested negative twice, of which the latest test has been done in Finland.

The preparedness group of Centria UAS meets on Mondays. The group is continuously following the coronavirus situation, and the decisions given by the authorities, both regionally and nationally. Additional meetings will be held if that is necessary.
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