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The first hackathon of Smart Campus project was a success

Centria University of Applied Sciences organized on 15.4. a hackathon to get fresh ideas on what could a Smart Campus provide, for example, on studying, hanging around the campus or for companies to do co-operation with UAS in future. This hackathon was the first of the series of three hackathons for 2021–2022 in our Smart Campus project.

During the hackathon day, students were working in small teams of 3-5-persons. The hackathon was open for students from all study fields to have multidisciplinary perspectives on the topic. They were given a challenge at the beginning of the day, an assignment to create new ideas from a specific perspective. The day consisted of hard work with the support of our staff mentors. The day ended with teams pitching their ideas to the jury. The top 3 teams were rewarded.

The winning teams were:

1st place team “HAN”: Arttu Rongonen, Nina Rovio and Henna Kaariniemi
2nd place team “Blanc”: Quan Nguyen, Thanh Nguyen, Sang Nguyen and Nhu Nguyen  
3rd place team “Alimity”: An Nguyen, Ly Hoang, Minh Nguyen and Tuyen Du 

For the organizers, this first hackathon was a great first experience. - It was great to run the whole event with an online platform. With this experience, who knows what we come up with for the second hackathon at the end of 2021, says hackathon organizer Johanna Hautamäki.

Further information:

Johanna Hautamäki, johanna.hautamaki@centria.fi


The first Smart Campus hackathon was held on 15th April 2021.

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