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Teaching arrangements during autumn semester 2021

New students start their studies on August 23rd and continuing students on August 30thThe orientation week for new full-time students will be organized on Talonpojankatu campus in small groups. Some of the orientation week programmes were planned to be organized remotely from the very beginning. Students have been informed about the orientation programme and schedule.
The objective is that students can return to campuses in a way that the amount of people on campus stays reasonable. For each degree programme and study module it will be decided singly how much contact teaching there will be and how much of contact teaching can be arranged remotely. The objective is that full-time students will be offered regular contact teaching. Hybrid models where some students are present on campus and some take part remotely can be utilized when the teacher sees it functional, but students will not automatically be offered the chance to participate remotely to all teaching. 
During next week each degree programme will make more precise plans for teaching during autumn. The teacher of each study module will inform students about the teaching method on Itslearning.
In the beginning of the autumn semester pop up vaccinations will be organized on campus that all unvaccinated students are hoped to attend. 
More information: 
Director (Education) Jennie Elfving, tel. +358 400 903 929
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