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Over half a million degrees completed in the Finnish universities of applied sciences – over 11.000 degrees at Centria UAS

In the past 30 years, 509.000 degrees have been completed in the Finnish universities of applied sciences. Since 2005 the education supply has also included the master’s degrees altogether of 29.000 completed degrees during the past years.

At Centria UAS, 11.502 degrees have been completed, of which 450 master’s degrees by the end of the year 2020. First students graduated in 1995 from then-called Central Ostrobothnia polytechnic.

The universities of applied sciences offer a wide range of education supply where the most common completed degree programmes are Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Health Care and Bachelor of Hospitality Management. The largest study field is Social and Health Care of which different occupations have their separate degrees. In total, there are 163.000 completed degrees in the field of Social and Health Care. The second-largest is the study field of technology and ICT (143.000). The third one is the study field in business management (111.000). In addition to big fields, the universities of applied sciences are significant education providers of the fields in culture, natural sciences and education.

The number of completed degrees is expected to increase in the 2020s

In 2020, a total of 24.370 bachelor’s degrees were completed. The number of the degrees stayed at the same level for the third year on the row. The number of accepted study place increased by 8.000 applicants compared to the previous year which means around 16% increase. There was growth in both undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.

Experts to every region

There is at least one university of applied sciences in every county to ensure that there are skilled experts for the needs of the working life of the regions. Over half of the graduates get a job in the region of their study place. In the region of Southern Finland, the number is over 90%.

The universities of applied sciences are completing 25 years this year. The first permanent universities of applied sciences started in 1991-1992 as temporary universities. The first permanent licenses were allowed in 1996 and by the year 2000, all the universities of applied sciences received the permanent status.

Nowadays, there are 24 universities of applied sciences of which around 150.000 students.

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