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Optima closes at the end of June

Centria University of Applied Sciences will start using a new digital learning environment, itslearning. All courses and course materials can be found in the itslearning when new academic year begins. 

Students are instructed in the use of itslearning at the beginning of the academic year. Teachers will help you within their own courses. itslearning administrators provide guidance for general use. You will receive written instructions and short instructional videos. 

You sign in to the itslearning learning environment using your Office 365 account, meaning the same user name and password as for Optima or Peppi, for example. The itslearning link will appear to Centraali in May. 

Optima closes at the end of June. HelpDesk will inform you with more information. 

More information:

Paula Santapakka, lecturer, Learning services

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