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Koronavilkku application for use in universities of applied sciences

The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene, Association for OAJ’s Vocational Educators and Trainers OAO ry and the Association of Finnish Student Unions SAMOK recommend that staff and students of universities of applied sciences use the Koronavilkku application.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) publishes the Koronavilkku app, which aims to help break the chains of infection of the coronavirus. The application allows people to participate in and influence the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus and protect their own and their relatives' health, says THL's website.

-In universities of applied sciences, teaching and work arrangements aim to limit the spread of the virus and prevent exposure to the virus. These include the use of protective equipment in some teaching situations, says Mervi Vidgrén, the chairman of Arene. Alongside this, other measures are needed, as individual corona infections have already been detected on some campuses of universities of applied sciences.

-The application contributes to a safe study and work environment, as long as it is widely used, emphasizes Helena Kahl, chairman of OAO. 

Privacy is strongly protected in the application. In addition, the user of the application can anonymously report their own infection to others and thus help break the infection chains. An application user who has been notified of a potential exposure may request contact with healthcare or contact healthcare themselves. 

-We each have a responsibility to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, says Anna Laurila, chairman of SAMOK. 

Arene, OAO and SAMOK point out that the Korovanilkku application alone does not protect against exposure to the virus. In addition, everyone should follow the familiar instructions from the spring on washing hands, keeping safety distances, avoiding close contacts and shaking hands. In addition, the instructions given by universities on safety and the use of protective equipment must be followed.

More information about Koronavilkku application www.koronavilkku.fi.

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