International interest in the bachelor’s degree programmes of Centria UAS continued to grow

The international applicants' interest in the English conducted bachelor’s degree programmes continued strong. Centria UAS obtained applications from 1286 applicants from 57 countries. The number of applicants increased by 6 % compared to the previous year. This application round was open to applicants who have accomplished their qualification outside Finland. The application period closed on Friday 31st January.

The bachelor’s degree programme of Information Technology attracted the most. There are 13 applicants applying for one study place. Nursing programme was the second most popular with 12 applicants applying for one study place. Business Management degree programme returned to the selection after a few years and was also drawing applicants with nearly 11 applicants per one study place. The degree programmes of International Business and Business Management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) were also popular. In total there are more than 7 applicants applying for one study place.

The biggest applicants’ groups come from Bangladesh, Vietnam and Nigeria. There are also many applicants from Nepal. However, the number of the Nepalese applicants decreased compared to the previous years which may have been caused by the problems in getting the residence permit. The number of applicants increased from Bangladesh, Vietnam and Morocco the most.

Tuition fees will be charged from citizens of a country outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Centria UAS offers a scholarship programme for students who are subject to paying tuition fees. The students are offered 50 % discount starting from the second year’s tuition fee if the student completes enough courses during the previous academic year. In the future students have a possibility to get a scholarship based on their Finnish language skills.

The results of the student selection will be published in April at the latest. Centria UAS’ specific application process aims at improving and fastening the applicants’ admission process, so that they are able to apply for the required permits in time and hence start their studies in autumn 2020.

The next application rounds are from 18th March – 1st April 2020 and they are meant for applicants with a Finnish qualification. Applicants can apply to English taught bachelor’s degree programmes in Centria’s direct application whereas the bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in Finnish are part of the joint application.

More information
Mari Emmes, Student Services Manager, mari.emmes@centria.fi,  tel. +358 44 725 0040

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