Highway 2 Code training aroused interest across the country

The Highway 2 Code software development training got a lot of attention from potential students who are interested in software development. Nearly 350 students all over Finland and abroad as well applied to the training that is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

- "Highway to Code style of training is clearly a wanted way to study for career changers and non-employees. The target markets for the training were especially women and immigrates, and the training did appeal to those segments. We can be assured that the software development is getting a lot of multiculturality and new perspectives after these students have graduated", says the project manager Jari Isohanni from Centria UAS.

Highway 2 Code training starts in September and is free of charge. The chosen students will get a confirmation of the study approval before midsummer. The next round of the training is already planned to begin in 2020 and the application period starts in the fall 2019.

Highway 2 code is coordinated by Centria University of Applied Sciences and it is organized in cooperation with Kajaani, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Turku Universities of Applied Sciences.


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Jari Isohanni
Lecturer, Centria University of Applied Sciences

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