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Francesca Cucinotta was chosen as the new director of education export

The board of Centria University of Applied Sciences held a meeting on 15.12.2020 in which Francesca Cucinotta was chosen as the new director of education export (Director Transnational Education). Cucinotta will replace Hannele Teir who will step aside from the post in summer 2021.

Cucinotta has a long experience in internationalization and education-related tasks. She has previously worked as Competence and Internationalization Manager in the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in the Ostrobothnia region where she was responsible for the regional coordination of the Talent Boost programme which is coordinated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as building a Talent Coastline ecosystem in Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia regions. She has worked in numerous national working groups, such as a secretary in the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture Working Group for Tuition Fee Monitoring and Evaluation.

- Centria has done successful work for a long time in the internationalizing of the university. I believe, that even after the COVID-19 pandemic, Finland and Centria will still be a safe and high-quality study place for international students. The mobility of students and personnel gets new possibilities in the form of remote studies, and the international project activity seeks new directions as digitality and place independence increases. Centria serves the companies of its area brilliantly and the need for international experts has been identified. Centria has a good reputation as a work community and has talented personnel with whom we can further develop the internationalization as emphasized in the strategy. I wanted to return to concrete international work, and I am happy that I was chosen, says Cucinotta.

Francesca Cucinotta will start in the position on 1.2.2021 and will work together with Hannele Teir until summer.

Centria warmly welcomes Francesca to the community!

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