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Corona situation update 22.12.2021


The government recommends that higher education be organised remotely if possible, until January 16, 2022. Essential contact teaching situations, such as laboratory work and exams, are still organized on campus. For the first week of January (January 3-7, 2022), all contact teaching will be cancelled. The timetable will remain the same even though teaching will be organised online.

During the second week of January (10-14 January 2022), teaching will be organised remotely if the teacher has not told the students otherwise. During the second week of January, essential lessons (mainly laboratory work and workshops) may be held on campus and the teacher should inform students by January 5, 2022. The size of groups on campus will not be limited, but the size of the group should be relative to the size of the space. It is strongly recommended that everyone wear a mask and keep social distances.

Orientation days in January will be organised remotely. The student office will inform students about this, and remote teaching links will be sent to students in early January.

The current restrictions are in place until January 16, 2022. Further measures will be announced at the beginning of the year, when it is known how the restrictions have worked.

Remote Work Recommendation

Finnish institute for health and welfare continues to recommend that at least some of the work be done remotely when possible. Campuses are kept open, and both teachers and students can work on campus if necessary. One can only come to campus symptomless.

Incoming international students and exchange students

Finland will reinstate internal border controls from 28 December 2021, after which arrivals will be required a certificate of full vaccination or a certificate of less than 48 hours old negative test results. For more information on travel restrictions: https://raja.fi/korona-info

Guests and public events

There will be no public events on campus in January. The Centria Open event scheduled for January will be cancelled.

More information:

Director (Education) Jennie Elfving, tel. +358 40 090 3929

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