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Corona situation update 10.1.2022

On 10 January 2022, Centria’s preparedness group met to outline the measures caused by the worsened corona situation.

Teaching is held remotely until the winter holiday weeks.

Contact teaching and small groups can be organized, taking into account regional assembly restrictions and other safety guidelines. Up to 60 students are admitted to three different classrooms for the reexamination on 19 January.

Travel: the director of each income area issues a travel permit. The restrictions and quarantine guidelines for the destination country are taken into account in the itinerary. Only necessary trips can be organized.

The strong remote work recommendation will continue until the winter break weeks.

Campuses’ services: libraries are open. Student services are open to a limited extent, and service is provided mainly remotely. Helpdesk is to be contacted first by phone or email and a service time will be arranged.

The restaurant on Talonpojankatu campus will open on 17 January. Continuation will be decided on the basis of the first week.

Jennie Elfving will hold teaching infos on Wednesday, January 12 and Thursday, January 13.

Personnel are asked to follow the instructions and guidelines of the local authorities. The preparedness group will meet if necessary and inform new alignments if the situation requires.

Soite: https://korona.soite.fi/

Kallio: https://www.kalliopp.fi/koronainfo

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