Centria UAS and Fujitsu started a joint mentoring programme

Centria University of Applied Sciences and Fujitsu Finland Oy have started a joint mentoring programme that aims to gather together experts and students. The experts of Fujitsu work as mentors and give students guidance for their future careers. The students have also an important role in this project to be the representatives of their generation and give their point of views to the work life sector.

The mentoring programme has been created as part of the English-taught bachelor’s degree programme of Business Management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and especially the SAP Next-Gen concept. The BBA-ERP degree programme has already co-operated with Fujitsu for a couple of years in different projects, education collaborations and thesis projects. The co-operation has been very useful for both Centria and Fujitsu. The Digital Innovation Experience course, that was a collaboration with Georgia State University (USA), has brought international aspects for the co-operation.

- Fujitsu offers our students a possibility to develop services that help the company to increase their performance. Taking part in that kind of projects has strengthened the motivation of our students. By combining the co-operation between UAS’ and companies we can offer our students a competitive education and the companies get important feedback of their new concepts and tools. All of this creates a network of experts that can respond to the needs of education in the future, explains the course initiators Ali Bitarafan and Jonna Lahti.

- This has been an extraordinary possibility to bring together motivated students and the mentors of Fujitsu. I believe that students will have unforgettable memories and excellent advice for their future careers, says the head of the degree programme Janne Peltoniemi.

There are four mentor-student pairs that meet in every two or three weeks. Group Manager Reetta Ranttila and Head of SAP Delivery Janika Nurmi from Fujitsu are mentoring the students of Centria UAS.

- The vision on Fujitsu is to aim to contribute to the creation of a networked society that is rewarding and secure, bringing about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world. Mentoring supports students’ personal growth of becoming experts that combine their know-how to serve the society. The mentors also receive new perspectives to their own work, explains mentor Reetta Ranttila.

Mentoring is useful for both parties

The student is mainly responsible for the content of the meetings. The mentors are committed and active which together with the material they provide give excellent framework for the meetings. The mentor listens and gives guidance and their own thoughts and development ideas that give students new perspectives.

- The mentoring programme is a great way to network with the experts of Fujitsu. You can never underestimate the need to sharpen your career path and your work personality. The mentor and their expertise are very important for students, tells the student Eliisa Oravakangas.

- My main task as a mentor has been to support the career development of Abdullah Mumen but it has also given me a lot in exchange. It’s very interesting to see, that my work experience has improved the professional growth of a student. With Abdullah we have developed his curriculum vitae to show better his strengths and the know-how he has gained through his previous work experience. The confidential mentoring relationship is extremely valuable, and it makes it possible to discuss matters that are difficult to talk about in other forums, says Mari Strang, the mentor of Fujitsu.

The mentoring is planned to continue annually with a few students and experts of Fujitsu. The feedback and results of the previous participants are useful and will be used in the development of the mentoring programme.

- This mentoring programme motivates also the students to try their best. As a UAS we can reward our students with this kind of programme. We are extremely happy to co-operate with an accountable company such as Fujitsu is, says head of the degree programme Janne Peltoniemi.

Further information:

Head of the degree programme Janne Peltoniemi, tel. 040 808 5127, janne.peltoniemi@centria.fi




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