Centria Shares event at Talonpojankatu Campus

Centria Shares event will be held in Talonpojankatu Campus in Kokkola on September 4th - 5th.

The personnel of Centria University of Applied Sciences is encouraged to bring their household goods that are in good condition yet unnecessary for them to the event. The students can pick up the goods that they find useful for their household. The Centria Shares event will be organized in the lobby of Talonpojankatu Campus. All the goods are free of charge.

- We warmly welcome our students to our university with this kind of happy event. Not all of the students have enough household goods whereas many of us have stuff burried deep in our closets. Especially our international students are usually in need of many household goods so this is really helpful for them. Centria Shares event will become a tradition since we are a university with a big heart, says Kati Bång, one of the event coordinators.

More information:
Assistant of directors, Kati Bång, p. 044 725 0011.

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