André Noël Chaker's lecture crowns the 5th edition of the International Language Week

The International Language Week (ILW) 2019 edition will take place at Centria University of Applied Sciences from 11 March till 15 March 2019. This fifth edition is welcoming a record number of participants, as 10 visiting teachers representing 5 different countries will be taking part in Centria’s ILW.

Each participant will be teaching for eight hours in total during the week, meaning that Centria’s students will benefit from a total of 80 hours of guest lectures. The ILW also includes a public lecture on Thursday 14 March at 10 AM. André Noël Chaker, a Canadian-born writer and lawyer will be lecturing about Finnishness, the main theme of his book “The Finnish Miracle”. Chaker has been awarded twice as the best speaker in Finland.

The ILW has two main effects, it not only improves cooperation with Centria’s partner universities but also boosts the international activities on campus. The visiting lecturers will engage in workshops organized by Centria’s language and communication teachers; this year’s theme being assessments.

This week’s programme will include more than just teaching for our visitors from Great-Britain, Poland, Germany, Holland and Belgium. Indeed, their days are fully-packed with not only lectures but also cultural and social events, such as winter swimming, outdoor activities as well as getting acquainted with the Finnish culture.

More information:
Mia Holmbäck, lecturer, tel. 044 3360 358
Peter Finell, International relations manager, tel. 044 7250 012

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