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Peppi - Student's desktop

Peppi is a system related to student administration and teaching planning. In Peppi, there is an interface for the students called Student’s Desktop that includes several functions and services. In the top of the desktop there is the Peppi menu where are the desktop actions and some other actions to be found. In the right top, corner there is your name where you get the settings and you log out from Peppi. In the settings, you inform for example your contact data. Also, you can change the language into English from the top right corner. In this guide, the actions are explained in the order of the Peppi menu.


View of the screen when the user has logged in to Peppi.

In the picture is a view when the student is logged in. 

Log in to Peppi using your Centria user ID via the following address: https://peppi.centria.fi. When logging in for the first time, the system requests your permission for delivering your data to the Peppi system.

If you are having any difficulties with Peppi, please contact our Student Affairs Office.

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