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Optima is an on-line learning platform developed and maintained by Discendum Ltd, which was put into operation in Centria University of Applied Sciences on Spring 2012.

Optima is used both in contact and on-line teaching (Averko). System automatically creates workspaces and brings Centria´s students in Optima according to the information found in Peppi system.

Optima is a web-based system, which requires a computer/mobile device, Internet connection and web browser. Optima is fully supported on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer and their newest versions. Some functionalities require Java and/or Adobe Flash plugins for the browser.

Browser instructions


How to login to Optima

To login to Optima, click Centraali´s Optima link, which leads you to the Optima login page. The user is asked for user account and password.  The students of Centria University of Applied Sciences use their Centria e-mail address and password  to that purpose. After the information is entered, click Login or press keyboard´s Enter button.


View of Optima when the student has logged in.


Basic structure

Top frame

The top frame can include following functions:

  • Help - Shows Optima Helpdesk page, which includes Optima instructions
  • As you click your profile (upper right corner), you can choose from the following functions: Language (FIN, ENG etc), User card, Change your picture, Move to mobile version and Logout.


Under the top frame you can also see Announcements, Calendar and New and modified. Those functions are also found in Your space.


Left frame

The left frame shows the following functions:

  • Start view - Opens Optima´s starting page
  • Your space - A personal space where you can manage your work in Optima environment
  • Arrow icons - You can move the left frame to left or right
  • Workspaces - Lists all the workspaces that you are enrolled


Main frame

The main frame content of the starting page depends on the definitions made by administrator. You may see announcements, instructions, links and functions. Material in the workspaces as well as functions are always opened in the main frame.



All the workspaces are found on the left frame of Optima. As you click some of the workspaces, the contents open to the main frame. As you click the course material inside the workspace, for example folders that include documents, it also opens to the main frame. If you wish to get back to the start view, click Workspaces main title.

All the workspaces used in contact teaching have the same basic structure. Teachers adapt their own workspaces to suit best for the subject in question. On-line workspaces differ a little bit from the structure of the contact teaching, but students work there similarly.

 Before starting the course, students should first read instructions given by the teacher about course schedule, dead lines of the assignments etc.


Your space

Your space is a personal space where you can manage your work in Optima environment:

  • Announcements – Displays announcements from the environment and workspaces
  • Calendar – Shows user´s added events and/or events from other workspaces
  • New and modified - Lists new and modified material and new messages in different workspaces
  • Last viewed objects – Lists the ten last opened objects and the time when their were opened
  • Discussion lists – Displays messages of all discussion areas
  • Private messages – Displays private messages between two users
  • User card – Shows user information
  • Your results – Shows user´s results by using the 'Search' function by workspaces or type of objects
  • Cloud services– User´s GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive and/or Microsoft Office 365 accounts can be connected to Optima, and documents can be linked/copied from these cloud services to Optima
  • My documents – Lists user´s objects in different workspaces
  • Bookmarks – Shows all of the bookmarks that have been created in the environment ('Object tools / Other tools / Add bookmark')
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