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Instructions for students on participating in online teaching sessions

Before a teaching session

Check and test beforehand that your technology is working. Take the nature of the session into account – are you just going to listen to a lecture or do you intend to participate actively in small-group discussions, for example? If possible, go to an online meeting slightly in advance and test that your equipment will work during the meeting.

Choose a quiet and well-lit space and ensure that you can work without disturbance and other persons present in the same space.

If you use a camera, set your camera at the proper height and considering the lighting of the room. Avoid backlight from a window, for instance. Make sure your camera is placed so, that no one’s privacy is violated.

Use a profile image and set your name visible in your profile settings – this gives your name a face.

If you need help with Zoom or Teams: Centria Help Desk, +358 40 808 5133 at 8-16 or helpdesk@centria.fi

During the teaching session

Follow the teacher’s instructions about the course and technical implementation of the session.

Keep your microphone switched off when it is not your turn to speak. This reduces noise in the online audio environment.

If you use a camera, you can fade the background if you wish (in Zoom or Teams) or you can use a background image. Otherwise, please ensure that there is no private or improper material visible in the background. Switch off your camera, if something inappropriate appears on your camera screen.

In addition to switching on your microphone, you can ask for a turn of speech by “raising your hand” or comment on the issue on chat. Remember, however, that the teacher cannot always fully watch for these signs while teaching.

In small groups, greet first the other participants and introduce yourself, if you don’t know each other beforehand.

In small groups, it is recommendable to switch on the video feed always when possible considering the connections and group size.

Remember to look at the camera. This creates the impression that you are actively involved in the situation. Give feedback: nod and smile where appropriate – this shows that you are listening to the speaker.

Concentrate on the teaching session; do not do other things at the same time. The responsibility for successful discussion in active distance teaching is on everybody!

During a Zoom or Teams session, you can make your material visible to others by clicking the Share screen button. Instead of an individual application, it is often most fluent to choose the Screen option, if you are moving across different applications and webpages. However, when using the Share Screen function, you should take care that there is no such private content visible in your other applications that could be accidentally disclosed to the other participants.

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