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Online Exam

Completing an online exam

Register for the online exam by following the instructions of the exam organiser.

Online exams are personal exams unless the exam organiser has otherwise instructed. They are completed without direct or indirect help from other persons.

An online exam must be completed in the reserved time.

Contacts and communication with other persons are forbidden during an online exam.

Before an exam, the exam organiser gives more detailed instructions on possible materials and tools you can use for completing the exam.

Monitoring of online exams and processing of personal data

Centria monitors online exams with available means. For monitoring, Centria may primarily use the data of information systems or a live image.

Centria may verify the student’s personality during the exam.

Sensitive personal data are not handled in connection with monitoring online exams.

The student has an unconditional obligation to get familiar with the given instructions before the exam and follow them in detail.

A student participating in an online exam should be aware that Centria uses available means to monitor the completion of exams and that the instructions are followed.

Exam answers may be scanned with plagiarism detection software.

Any fraud and attempt of fraud are forbidden in exams. In the case of testified alleged fraud always leads to the rejection of the study attainment and may lead to a written complaint, written warning or suspending the student for a fixed period.

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