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Centraali is a website in which the most important services for studying in Centria are available and easily accessible. Centraali can be found at http://centraali.centria.fi

When you log in to different systems, you always use the same username and password. Your username is your Centria email address.

Please note that the password should not be stored in the browser's cache when logging in to services. Abuse can occur in special cases where multiple people use the same domain but use a personal ID when signing in to the service.

Always remember to sign out when you stop using different services.

You can access the following services from the Centraali webpage:

  • Optima (Learning platform)
  • O365 (Microsoft Office 365)
  • Opinto-opas (Study guide)
  • e-Services
  • Library
  • Peppi (Academic records, personal study plans, register for each semester, enroll for courses and edit personal data)
  • Lukkarikone (Schedules)
  • Webropol (Survey and reporting tool)
  • Papercut (You are able to check your printing credit balance from PaperCut)
  • Change password (webpage where you can change your user account's password)
  • Helpdesk (ticketing system for IT problems)


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