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The study right and the study right period

Regular completion time for the degree

The regular completion time for completing a degree is determined according to the scope of the degree programme.

The regular completion time for a Bachelor’s degree is 3,5 years (210 credits) or 4 years (240 credits). Curriculums are planned so that the full-time student can achieve 60 credits per study year.

The regular completion time for a Master’s degree is 3 years (part-time studies) or 1,5 years (full-time studies).


Study right period

The study right period includes the regular completion time of the degree plus one year. If the student does not complete the studies in the regular completion time, the student has the right to continue the studies for one year without submitting an application.


Extension of the study right

A student, who has not completed the studies within the study right period (regular completion time plus one year) can apply for an extension to complete the degree. The extension can be granted once for a maximum of one year. An extension is only granted for a special reason and it is always discretionary. It must be realistic to complete the studies within the extension period. During the extension study right the student has no right of non-attendance. The extension time cannot be continued, and the student must graduate during this time.

The E-application form is on the student register Peppi (student’s desktop). In accordance with the Government's Decree 1440/2014, a fee of € 50 is charged for processing the application. Options for payment of the application processing fee (50 Euros) are the following: Finnish online banking credentials, VISA, MasterCard or MobilePay. Application submission and payment are done at the same time. Decisions on applications are sent to the student’s Centria email address.

Suomi.fi e-Identification is used to log in to the form. This requires strong identification (e.g. Finnish online banking credentials, mobile certificate etc.). If you are not able to use strong identification (you do not have Finnish online banking credentials, mobile certificate etc.) please, contact the student office (studentoffice@centria.fi).

Application periods:

1.4.–31.5. (study right ends on the spring term)

1.10.–15.12. (study right ends on the autumn term)

The study entitlement of students who have not been granted an extension will be declared as expired and the student will be registered as resigned.

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