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The objective of safety management in Centria is to guarantee that the organization can continue its operations despite any disruptions in normal life or any threatening situations and crises. Promoting a safe environment for working and studying is part of responsible leadership.

Safety issues in Centria are divided into two categories, personal safety and security and the safety of premises. Personal safety and security means managing the risks related to work safety and work well-being in Centria. The safety of premises means all the technological and structural solutions based on safety planning that promote and maintain safety and security at Centria premises. These include, for example, security surveillance which enables solutions for securing and monitoring the premises around the clock when necessary and directing the movements of people in the premises.

Centria has a safety team whose task is to coordinate safety management and activities in within the university of applied sciences. The persons in charge of safety issues lead, coordinate and promote safety in their area of responsibility. Safety experts support and develop safety issues that are on their responsibility together with the person in charge. The safety team is led by the security manager. The security manager leads and coordinates the safety and security in Centria as a whole and is responsible for communication with the authorities.

Safety instructions

Police officer specializing in educational institutes, Juha Puurula juha.puurula@poliisi.fi, tel. 029 5447718

Security manager of Centria UAS Risto Puskala, tel. 044 725 0325


People in charge of safety issues and safety experts at each Centria campus

Talonpojankatu Campus (Kokkola) and Campus Allegro (Pietarsaari)

Ilkka Rasehorn 040 808 5105, in charge of safety issues

Talonpojankatu 2: Tuomas Tasala 044 725 0413, Kai Nyman 044 725 0304, safety experts
Pitkänsillankatu 16: Ulla Roiko-Jokela 044 725 0782, safety expert
Runeberginkatu 8: Sara Åhman 040 729 9973, safety expert
Teknologiakatu 7: Mervi Liesi 050 469 4782, safety expert

Vierimaantie Campus (Ylivieska)

Esa Isokoski 044 449 2510, in charge of safety issues

Vierimaantie 7: Timo Taari 044 449 2710, safety expert
Joutsentie 11: Timo Taari 044 449 2710, safety expert

Centria has instructions for acting in crisis situations as well as rescue plans for each campus.

Centria places high value on maintaining crisis management skills and on preventing any disruptions in normal operations as well as preventing threatening situations and crises. This includes three parts: early intervention, bringing up a concern and assessing the severity of the possible threat.  Preventive work includes maintaining mental wellbeing as well as preventing accidents from happening. The objective in preventive work is to recognize at an early stage those situations or symptoms that might lead to a threating situation or a crisis.

Maintaining the skills to manage a crisis situation is essential for preventive work. Each staff member and student in Centria needs to know

  • what do in a crisis situation,
  • who is responsible for different actions and
  •  where they can get help.

In Centria campuses there are regular (at least once a year) trainings and evacuation exercises for students and staff. It is advisable to participate in these trainings and exercises actively, because only through practice you will learn how way to act in case of dangerous and threatening situations.

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