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Centria University of Applied Sciences has insured its students as following:

Statutory Student Accident Insurance

  • accidents that happen when the student participates in situations of practical training with a work-like risk, as part of studies included in his/her curriculum (i.e. practical work during a course)
  • valid on immediate outbound or returning travels between apartment and internship location
  • valid also in partical work placements abroad (unpaid internships)
  • for Finnish degree-seeking students (not valid for exchange students)


Voluntary Group Insurance for Accidents

  • classes that are part of the curricula
  • breaks between classes
  • valid on immediate outbound or returning travels between apartment and university


Travel Insurance abroad

  • time of travel
  • work placement
  • immediate travels between the accommodation and work placement
  • freetime during the work placement
  • ordinary tourist trip
  • luggage (deductible EUR 0, insurance compensation max EUR 500)
  • damaging someone's property at work (usually the property that has been given to you or your supervision is not included but other propert both at work or else is part of the travel insurance's travel liability). Not valid in the USA or Canada.
  • permanent disablement
  • death
  • medical care expenses from travel sickness and accidents are unlimited
  • legal protection of travel insurance
  • travel accident
  • liability insurance of travel insurance


All of the insurances of Centria University of Applied Sciences are provided by LähiTapiola.

If you need help or assistance in the making of a damage report, please contact our human resources manager Jouko Mäki-Korvela, jouko.maki-korvela@centria.fi.

If you need a travel insurance card before your trip, you can contact Tiina Määttälä, tiina.maattala@centria.fi.

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