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Simulation environments and laboratories

Centria's students can practise their skills in the simulation premises and laboratory premises of the campuses.

In the simulation environment, the students can practise their skills in a secure environment. Different environments can be built into the simulation space in miniature, where our students can practise real-life work assignments and situations in practice. In the simulation premises, one can operate both independently and in the group. The simulation practices combine the learned theory to practice. At first, students study the theory either in the classroom or online and afterwards, they have a feedback discussion.

The laboratories are used by the students but also the staff of Centria's RDI personnel. The laboratories are used both for studying the basics and for work-life assignments. There are also new technologies, such as virtuality and robotics, that are developed and tested in our laboratories. In measuring and test environments, it is possible to carry out special measurements for companies.


Students doing laboratory work in a laboratory.

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