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Learning environments of campuses


Our Talonpojankatu campus has been designed based on the user-driven approach with openness and multiformity as the objective. The learning environments ensure both independent learning and learning in groups and the smooth transmission between them.

The learning environments of the main campus consist of different sound zones. There are separate zones for quiet work, as well as for working in groups. On the campus, the learning spaces are marked in different colours.

On the campus, you can also find a restaurant, Street Café, library, student services and premises of student organisations. All the environments of the campus are based on sustainable development and ecological choices.



Our Vierimaantie campus has a long experience of blended learning methods. We made the digital jump years ago, and since then, we have developed our online teaching methods. The teaching is arranged partly on campus, where you can find the modern laboratory and teaching premises meant for contact teaching.

The teachers are always well-prepared and motivated. A large part of the staff of Centria's RDI projects work on the campus, so there are plenty of interesting thesis possibilities and practice possibilities available. With the RDI projects, we can bring valid and most recent information to the teaching.

Some of the advantages of the small campus are, among others, the flexibility, the student-driven atmosphere, the inspiring teachers who it is easy to approach, interesting teaching supplies, the quality of the teaching, individual teaching and solidarity.



In our Campus Allegro in Pietarsaari, we operate together with other educational institutions.

Our campus is located in a historical building, which has earlier served as a lace factory. That makes our premises and learning environment one of a kind. Here the studies are offered in blended mode, or one can participate in supplementary education.

The campus Allegro is an international community where we value flexibility and student-drivenness. On the campus, there are lots of ongoing RDI operations, such as different projects and events.

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