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The campuses of Centria University of Applied Sciences

Centria UAS has three campuses. The main campus is Talonpojankatu Campus which is located is Kokkola. The two other campuses are Campus Allegro in Pietarsaari and Vierimaantie Campus in Ylivieska. All of our campuses are located a walking distance from the city centers.

There are over 1000 students studying in our Talonpojankatu Campus. The classes are delivered both in the classrooms and remotely both in Finnish and English. At Campus Allegro students can study business administration in Finnish and international business in English. At our Vierimaantie Campus in Ylivieska, the studies are mainly organized in Finnish and the students are studying mostly remotely or during the evenings and weekends.

The highly appreciated RDI actions are operating in all of our campuses.

The contact information of the campuses, maps and opening hours can be found at Contact > Campuses


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