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The academic year 2021–2021


Autumn term 30.8.2021–17.12.2021

The orientation days for new students are during week 34.
Other students start on 30.8.2021 (opening ceremony 30.8.2021 at 10 am)

Spring term 3.1.2022–27.5.2022

Important dates

30.8.2021 Opening ceremony of the academic year
17.12.2021 Christmas party
10.6.2022 Closing ceremony of the academic year

Autumn break

18.–22.10.2021 (Kokkola and Pietarsaari)
25.–29.10.2021 (Ylivieska)

Christmas break


Winter break

28.2.–4.3.2022 (Kokkola and Pietarsaari)
7.–11.3.2022 (Ylivieska)

Teachers' summer break



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