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Studying at Centria University of Applied Sciences

We want to guarantee that our students are enjoying their studies at Centria UAS and that the studying is as smooth as possibly ant the information is easily accessible. We have a very close-knit student community and we want to take care of our students and their study paths.

Centria UAS strives to support and guide students’ learning and professional development with proactive, well-organized and versatile aims. The target is a student capable of self evaluating and managing their own learning processes, well-endowed for working life and planning their own working careers.

Studying at Centria UAS is very versatile and lectures are organized both at classrooms and remotely. Centria offers several degree programmes in Finnish and English at our campuses in Kokkola, Pietarsaari and Ylivieska. Our teachers are always ready to chat and help, and we try to support our students in many other ways as well.

The Student Union COPSA supervises the students’ rights and interests. They also organize events and other activities for students and coordinate the tutor activities at Centria UAS.


Three students sitting in big orange chairs at Centria's campus in Kokkola.

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