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SORA Legislation

The law that came into force at the beginning of the year 2012 enacts on, for example, factors that prevent admission, the revocation and reinstatement of the right to study, presenting a criminal record, drug testing and disciplinary actions. In Centria University of Applied Sciences the legislation is applied in all degree programmes of social services, health care and humanities and education. Sections concerning drug testing and disciplinary actions are applied in all fields of study.

The most central contents of the legislation are the following:

  • the right to a safe studying environment is ensured also in the higher education sector
  • the prerequisites for admission are specified
  • the revocation of the right to study is made possible in the cases where it is justified based on safety issues
  • the procedures concerning drug testing are enacted in the laws related to the field of study in question according to the Act of the Protection of Privacy in Working Life
  • provisions on disciplinary actions are specified
  • it is ensured that the providers of education, higher education providers and authorities will have access to necessary information.


In Centria University of Applied Sciences, the amendments concerning the revocation and reinstatement of the right to study and the factors preventing admission to education  concern the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Health Care, Registered Nurse (UAS)
  • Bachelor of Social Services (UAS)
  • Bachelor of Health Care, Public Helth Nurse (UAS)
  • Bachelor of Humanities (UAS)
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