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Work placements

As a student at Centria, you have the possibility of doing either part or the totality of your work placement / practical training abroad. A work placement abroad will be recognized as part of your degree at Centria, also make your CV more attractive to future employers.

Students can do their work placements anywhere in the world. Look for a work placement abroad in the same way you would look for one in Finland. Prepare your CV, reach out to companies in the fields that interest you. The work placement should be accepted by your degree programme and support your studies at Centria. You may find internships e.g. from Erasmus intern.

In general, you can undertake your work placement at any time, but discuss the best timing with your degree programme/tutor. A work placement abroad would usually last around 3 - 5 months. It is important that the work placement is at least 2 months, due to the financing structure. Shorter work placements are not supported by Centria.

As for a work placement anywhere, you should prepare a work placement agreement before starting the work placement.

For training taking place inside Europe with the Erasmus+ programme, please use this form: Learning Agreement for Work Placement.

For training taking place out of Europe use the form: Overseas Work Placement Application Package.

Students undertaking a work placement abroad are able to apply for a financial grant covering part of their costs abroad.

  • Work placements in Europe: grants are either EUR 570 or EUR 620/month (minim. 2 months long work placement)
  • Work placements Overseas: The grant is EUR 500/month.


Work placements for social work and nursing student

Social Work and Nursing students can apply for work placement exchanges in this application round as these places are offered by the partner institutions. You will find information about the work placements available in the folder “Exchange destinations”.

The four programmes available to students are:

  • Erasmus+ Work Placement
  • Overseas Work Placement
  • Terve Afrikka
  • Nordlink


In all other programmes the student needs to be active in finding a work placement in a company or organization abroad. Centria can only suggest a handful of work placements per year. There are no deadlines for applying for other work placements, each application is processed when received.


Students working in a chemistry laboratorio.

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