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During the exchange

Check-list: During your exchange

  • Register at local authorities when necessary
  • Get the practical things sorted out: rental agreement, SIM-card, Internet connection…
  • Find your way around: where the university, where are the shops, bus lines, … Figure out who is your contact people and who can help you if needed
  • Take part in the orientation days, if your host university organizes them
  • Tell your new friends about Finland and Centria! 
  • Share your story abroad with your friends back home, for instance, on Instagram use #centriaexchange to see other Centria students on exchange! Remember to tag @centriaamk
  • Remember that you are in charge and responsible for your actions
  • Update your Learning Agreement if you change courses!
  • Get a Certificate of Stay/ Letter of Confirmation before you leave back home → signed by the coordinator at the host institution - important: exact dates!
  • Figure out how and when you will get your Transcript of Records


Potential issues with courses

It may happen that all the courses previously advertised to you cannot be offered to you (overlappings, lectures not taken place, language barriers, etc.). This happens and you do not need to worry! Talk about other options with the international coordinator at your host university: other courses, book exams, projects, other degree programs.

If you are worried you will not get enough credits, contact your coordinator at Centria (online courses, Averko...)

In any case, prepare a new LA with the new courses and do not wait till the end of your exchange to try to fix things!

Practical issues


The host university will give you information on how to deal with accommodation in your host country. Follow their instructions!

Remember that you are responsible for your actions abroad and also a representative of your home university.


Remember to register yourself to the local authority and at your embassy. The international office at your host institution is your point of contact (natural catastrophe, terrorist attack, etc).

Follow the given instructions. Respect the culture where you are and use common sense!

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