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Before your return

Check-List: after your exchange

  • Submit the required documents to Centria (to get the remaining part of your grant!)
    • copy of Transcript
    • copy of Certificate of Stay
    • answer the online report (Erasmus) / return the report (Overseas/China)
  • Take care of having your courses and credits transferred
  • Inform Kela and Maistraatti that you are back
  • Participate in Return workshop in May or August
  • In the long run, think about how you can use this international experience in your CV and when looking for a job (Think: curiosity, resilience, productivity!)
  • Become an international tutor with COPSA!


Documents to return after your exchange

Certificate of Stay

Ask the host university to sign this document just before your leave back home, it should mention the days you were present at the host university (starting from the orientation to the last day of exams). Give the certificate to your international coordinator at Centria.

Certificate of Stay Erasmus+ program

Certificate of Stay Overseas and China Programmes

Transcript of Records

You should get a transcript summarizing the courses you have taken abroad (even the ones you failed). If you are not sure when or how you will get your transcript, ask the international office of your host university. You are responsible for getting your transcript. Send a copy to your international coordinator at Centria.

Credit transfer

You should use the AHOT form (AHOT 1 (recognition of prior learning) to transfer the courses into your degree at Centria. Book an appointment with the head of your degree program, take your transcript from abroad and the AHOT form, and discuss the transfer of your credits. Once the form is signed, take the form and the copy of the transcript to the student secretary, who will register the courses into Centria's system.


Exhange report


If you are taking part in the Erasmus+ program, you will receive an email, with instructions on how to answer the Erasmus+ reporting tool, called Mobility Tool. By accepting an Erasmus+ grant, you also commit to answering to the online report.

Overseas / China

Use the report template and send a PDF copy to your international coordinator.

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