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After nomination

Check-List: before your exchange

Documentation in order (application papers)

  • Visa conditions?
  • Valid passport!
  • Kela – both “Opintotuki” and Health Insurance Card
  • Vaccinations and insurances in order
  • Practical issues both in Finland and abroad (inform Kela and the Digital and population data services agency that you are going abroad (tilapäinen oleskelu!)
  • Copies of important papers (passport, learning agreement, …)
  • Planning to work abroad? Check regulations (visa, Kela…)
  • Find out more about where you are going: the town, the country, what to do and not to do…


Learning Agreement -Your study plan abroad

Once you have been accepted by your study program to go abroad, then the international coordinator will nominate you to the University. After this, you will start the application process to the University abroad. Usually, this means, that you will fill out an application form, send them your transcript of records (ToR), and fill out a Learning agreement (LA). The LA is your study plan abroad, which is a commitment between you, Centria, and your host University. 

You are expected to study at least 25-30 ECTS credits/semester during your stay abroad. 

When preparing your exchange, you should carefully plan what courses you will be taking at your host university. Take courses that fit your study plan, but also choose courses that will offer you an edge, a way to stand out, something that interests you in particular! Remember to also learn about the country you are going to (culture, language).

If issues arise during your time abroad, be in touch with your home university.

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