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Study Exchange Programmes

Listed below are the study exchange programmes that are currently available to students at Centria:

  1. Erasmus+ Study Exchange - All Study Programs in European countries
  2. Overseas Study Exchange - All Study Programs, outside Europe
  3. Nordplus Networks - check out the websites for Nordtrad and for Sibelius! (Music)
  4. Healthy Africa - check out the programme website! (Health Care)
  5. Nordlink (Health care)


Virtual Exchanges

Want to have an opportunity to study courses and gain international experience by studying virtually at a foreign University from the comfort of your home?

Virtual Exchange combines the deep impact of intercultural dialogue and exchange with the broad reach of digital technology. Virtual Exchange also fosters the development of what has been recognized as employability skills such as digital competence (the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively online), foreign language competence, communication skills, media literacy, and the ability to work in a diverse cultural context.

For more information about Virtual Exchanges contact jyrki.rajala@centria.fi


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