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Study skills and motivation

Study skills such as reading and writing skills, learning techniques and memorizing strategies, critical thinking, time management and social skills, also contribute to our study ability. 

Reading and writing play a significant role in studies. How much time does it take for you to read 200 pages? What about writing a 6-page essay? 

Your classes are marked in your timetable, but you also have to schedule your personal study time when you revisit the material and work with assignments. Make enough time for yourself because rushing tends to cloud our thinking and hurry makes it harder to memorize things. A calendar is a helpful tool when used effectively. These are skills you can work on - you are here to learn so you don’t have to master everything at once.

For problems in reading and writing, we have Special Education Teacher to offer support paivi.ruohoniemi@centria.fi.

Study Psychologist has courses for wellbeing, with coaching throughout the course (non-stop, online):

  • Time Manager: Self-management and prioritizing skills
  • Stress Manager: mindfulness-based, relaxation skills

See also Skills Centria's activities.



In order to understand your motivation or lack of motivation, it’s important to know your personal values and goals – and if necessary, refine them. You must also be able to imagine the end result so that the time and effort put into practice feels worth it. One has to be able to bear incompleteness, “I’m not ready yet”. The curious mind is always a good base for learning so keep up that spark:

What do I already know about this subject? → What new is there to learn in this course?
What really intrigues me in this subject? → How could I gain more information about it?
There is much to learn but keep your focus and you will accumulate the information course by course.

To keep up motivation one needs to be organized as well as have time management skills and a positive view of oneself as a learner. In gruelling life situations, you may encounter problems in these areas. You might feel like your motivation has simply disappeared and your workload is piling up. That might be a good moment to ask yourself, with no blame but all curiosity: What has changed? What could be done to correct this imbalance? Is your free time invigorating enough to keep you productive?

By taking care of our living conditions and overall life balance we are equipped to reach our goals.


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