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Inner resources and performance

Studies in higher education present us with new challenges related to time management and the organization of our daily lives. Recognizing our resources is important because during the study years life situation often changes in many ways: social networks, residence, livelihood and maybe even a change in hobbies. All of this has impact in our time management as well as our coping. We must examine the everyday balance again and possibly make new additions to our routines. Sleep hours shouldn’t be sacrificed for work and studies because one cannot fully trust their memory in a sleep-deprived state. A healthy diet is also important. There’s no expecting good results when you’re merely half-energized.

A slight stress is a natural response to changes but by acknowledging our inner strengths and our sources of wellbeing, we can adjust our activities accordingly. Plan yourself quality free time while observing the study schedule and build up routines that enhance your wellbeing.


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