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Accessibility at Centria University of Applied Sciences

Accessibility at Centria UAS means that student's physical, psychic and social environments are taken into account and every studentd has the same possibilities to learn equally with others dispite of their qualities he or she has.

The learning environment ja teaching must be accessible especially for students that have some sort of physical disability or difficulties in learning, for example dyslexia, learning difficulties of mathematics or languages or if the student belongs to cultural or linguistic minorities. Accessibility is important for all of us because there might be a situation where a student needs special guidance and learning accessibility or flexibility at some point of their studies. Centria UAS develop the study and teaching accessibility related services actively. Centria UAS is part of the national ‘Esteetön korkeakoulu’ network.

Our whole personnel is in charge of the accessibility of Centria UAS. If you want to know more about the accessibility, you can contact Hanna-Riina Aho.

Taru Fröjdholm gives more infromation about Centria library’s Celia service.




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