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Study ability and student well-being

The study's ability is about a student's ability to work which affects the well-being, study results, and advancing in studies. If the study's ability is sufficient, the student can actively study and the studies advance. The resources of the student consist of personality, physical and psychic health as well as the life situation and social relationships.

The study skills and motivation are important factors in studying and advancing them. Managing different studying techniques, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are essential factors of study skills. Motivation gives strengths and energy to complete the set targets.

Study ability consists of many factors. The student's personal features affect but there are many aspects coming from outside as well. The study environment consists of physical, psychic, and social environments. The study environments and study conditions are part of the physical part. How the studies are organized, study, and other premises and accessibility are important factors of physical study ability. The interaction between students, teachers, and other personnel, study environment, and different teams are parts of the psychic and social environments.

Teaching is an essential part of the study ability. Therefore contents and quality of teaching, teachers' pedagogic know-how, study guidance, and tutoring are important and useful for the students.

Inner resources and performance
Study skills and motivation


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