How to apply

1. Learn about the different study opportunities for your study field. A list of Universities is found in Host Universities abroad folder

2. Fill out the online application form for Exchange studies. You will need choose 3 (different) options, in your preferred order.

3. Make one motivation letter (free format, max 1 page) where you also state to which 3 Universities you are applying. The letter can inclue e.g. an introduction about yourself, in what stage are you in your studies, explanation why you want to study abroad, your plans for the future etc. 

4. Download your transcript (Personal study plan) from Peppi.

5. Send your motivation letter and transcript of records attached by e-mail to Only students who have filled out the online application form and have brought the attachments/or sent them by e-mail,  have a valid application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

6. We will hold interviews if we have many applicants for the same place (usually USA and Canada).

7. Since the application is non-stop, you will hear about your selection by e-mail a couple of weeks after your application.


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