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Exchange studies briefly

Students at Centria are offered various options when it comes to studying abroad:

  • Exchange studies at one of our partner universities

  • Basic idea?
    • When? When your basic studies are done (= 2nd or 3rd year at Centria)
    • For how long? One semester or a full year
    • Where? At one of Centria partner universities

Your studies abroad will be recognized as part of your degree at Centria, which means your degree will gain an international edge.  

  • How? Apply during the primary application round                         
    Choose 3 options, if you are picked – you will be nominated to apply directly to the university abroad. 

  • Work placement in a foreign company

  • Basic idea?
    • Same rules as for a work placement in Finland (content-wise)
    • Should last at least 3 months Similarly, work placement abroad will be recognized as part of your degree at Centria, also make your CV more attractive to future employe



Getting started is the biggest step!


First, decide on when you would like to go, the most suitable time to go is not the same for all. Discuss with your degree program and study advisor.
For instance, business students are advised to go either during the spring of their 2nd year or the autumn of their 3rd year. Engineering students are advised to go during their 3rd year.

Apply during the initial application round (December – January). If you are successful, you will be nominated to apply (final application round) directly to the university abroad to go there during the following academic year.


Of course, you should decide to go to a country which appeals to you but do not think about this as a travel agency and you picking a vacation destination.  
Do you speak any other languages than English? Consider studying in a country where you can practice those languages! France, Spain, Italy, China? Notice that even though English language courses are available in many places, some universities do not offer any or very little (esp. in the south of Europe). You must be able to study so that you do not feel like you are wasting your time.  

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