Study Exchange?

Students at Centria can study part of their degree in a partner University abroad. Being an exchange student means that you will take courses in one of Centria's partner Universities, and after your return, the courses will be transferred to your degree at Centria. Centria has a wide range of Partner Universities. The Universities in Europe are part of the Erasmus+ network and the partners outside Europe are part of our Overseas partner network. You may study one semester or the whole Academic year abroad.

When can I go on exchange?

A good time to go on exchange is during your second or third year of studies. An exchange period needs to be planned well and you need to read about the Partner Universities and check their course catalogue properly.

Timing is essential. Check if the courses offered are suitable for you during Autumn and/or Spring term. In what languages can you study? You need to follow the Academic calendar of the receiving University so you need to make sure that you can be present at the Partner University a few days before the start of the semester.

If you have questions related to courses, teachers can at this point guide you. International coordinators may help you with questions related to the application process. While you are in the initial application process, you may not be in contact with the Partner Universities abroad.

How do I apply?

Application for Study Exchange takes place during the previous Academic year before your actual exchange. The Parternships and Excahnge office at Centria arranges the Main Application Round in December-February. All information related to Exchange and the Application process may be found in Optima / Study Abroad. There is also the list of Partner Universities, according to Study Program. All Erasmus+ Partners as well as Overseas partners are part of the Main Application Round.

The International Partnerships and Exchange office (IPEO) organizes an additional application round if there are still some available places at the Partner Universities. You can apply continuously for the places we have left, as long as the University still accepts applications.


Overseas, Erasmus+, China

Main Application Round

Academic year 2019-2020

Autumn 2019

Spring 2020

10 December - 10 February 



Additional Application Round

Academic Year 2019-2020

Autumn Semester 2019




Additional Application Round

Spring Semester 2020



Drop-in Study abroad advising

Visit the websites of the Universities, and find the perfect University for you. The international coordinators Hubert and Linda are here to guide you on Talonpojankatu campus, in room 102A next to the cafeteria. We are open daily between 9:30-14:00. You can also book an appointment on site to Pietarsaari, Ylivieska or KOkkola, or online.


When I have been selected?

When you have successfully applied in the internal application round, the International Partnerships and Exchange office will contact you and inform you about your selection and to what University you will be nominated. After this, you need to apply to the Partner University according to their application process. This is when you start preparations for your exchange, apply for a study grant, check about Visa, insurance etc.

How to get ready?

Centria organizes a training course for students who will go on exchange. The students will meet 3 times in total; 2 times before the exchange and once after their return. There are two separate pre-departure training workshops, where the first pre-departure training will focus on practical issues. The second pre-departure workshop will focus on intercultural adaptation - how to be effective in the new environment. The third workshop (return workshop) will focus on your gained global competence and it will give you tools to increase your employability. A working life mentor will be participating in the workshops.

Students taking part in the Training course for studies or work placement abroad will get 2 ECTS and the Centria Global Competence Open Badge.

Student experiences

You can read about Centria students' exchange experiences in the Training course for studies or work placement abroad blog. You can search for specific Universities and countries.

More information in Optima - Students Path - Study Abroad

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