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Internationalization at Home

The international office wants to deepen the internationalization of Centria, as well as work with different aspects of student mobility. Only a small percentage of students study abroad, therefore, internationalization at home is essential. The intention of Internationalisation at home is to increase the interaction between local and international students, as well as increasing the international content in all study programs. Internationalization at home aims to ensure that also non-mobile students will benefit from international education.

Centria has 5 study programs that are fully taught in English. Students from the Finnish taught study programs can take obligatory and elective courses from the English taught programs and this is the formal and Academic way to make the study path international.

Centria offers many elective courses in English, both online and face-to-face. These are also an excellent option to make your study part international; e.g. Working in a Multicultural World and Getting Local and Global.

International students are encouraged to focus on studying Finnish and Swedish. Language skills will make it easier to communicate with the surrounding society and increase the possibility to find an internship in the area. There are also courses that will open the Finnish Society for an international student, e.g. Finnish Society and Culture.

You may also increase your global perspective by studying a foreign language. Centria offers beginners courses in Spanish, German, French, and Italian. 

The Campus at Centria is international, with students from around 40 different countries, Centria arranges different activities for students with the focus to mix local and international students.

For more information: Linda Krokfors, linda.krokfors@centria.fi

A number of guest lecturers visit Centria every year and give lectures in their field of expertise to our students. If you want to be a guest lecturer at Centria University of Applied Sciences, please visit the Staff Exchange page.


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