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Centria Global Competence Open Badge

What is an Open Badge?

An Open Badge is a virtual certificate, that demonstrates acquired skills and competences. Open Badges at Centria are issued by qualified staff, after that the student has fulfilled the set criteria.

What is the Centria Global Competence Open Badge?

It is a virtual certificate, that demonstrates that the student has acquired global competences. It is earned by students, who have studied a part of their degree abroad or have done a traineeship abroad. 

Students with the Global Competence Open Badge have also participated in a 2 ECTS training course that prepares them for adjusting to a new culture, enhances personal development, and provides tools to increase employability.

What are the criteria for Global Competence Open Badge?

  • The student has taken part in a 2 ECTS training program for study abroad that gives tools to cultural adaptation and awareness of global competences.

  • The student has completed studies or work placement in a new environment and has proven skills of not being afraid to get out of his/her own comfort zone.

  • The student has developed tools to adapt to the culture and society of the host country and can manage to study or work in a new and multicultural environment.

  • The student has become more aware of himself/herself and has proven ability to be curious, effective, and persistent by seeking to live abroad and seeing the studies/work placement through.

  • The student has strengthened one or several language skills in a real environment.

  • The student is part of global multidisciplinary networks.

  • The student has developed his/her presentation skills by giving presentations about Centria abroad AND by giving a pitch to Centria students about his/her experience.

  • The student has a proven ability to solve small or bigger issues in an unfamiliar environment.


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