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Instructions for students during corona situation

We have gathered important study-related information on this site. All the current updates will be published on this site, so we advise you to visit the page regularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Centria’s instructions for students and personnel regarding the coronavirus can be found here.


The wellbeing of the student

The student's wellbeing is an absolute requirement to guarantee the ability to study and the ability to advance the studies. We try to take good care of our students during the coronavirus pandemic as a whole unit together with student counselors, study advisors, study psychology, study pastors, and student union COPSA.


Tips for remote work

Working remotely requires good self-control skills. Time management and goal setting are the key elements to stay productive. There might be challenges and you might have to change your habits.

If you want to know more about how to develop your self-control skills, take part in Time Management online course that is available in Peppi. During the course, you will fill a learning diary. You will get personal feedback from the course.

Time Manager (YY00AF30-3001), available non-stop.

Study psychologist Tiia's tips for remote work can be found here. (Updated April 3rd, 2020)



Guidance and advising services

If you have any questions regarding your studies, don’t hesitate to contact our study counselors and study advisors of our Student Affairs Office (contact information below). Study advisors can help you with practical study-related questions and will guide you in general matters regarding studying. Student counselors can help and instruct you if you need help with planning your studies and if you have questions about the content of studies.


Study advisors

contact by email

contact by phone

  • Talonpojankatu Campus, Kokkola tel. 040 670 8863
  • Vierimaantie Campus, Ylivieska tel. 044 449 2511
  • Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari tel. 040 073 4107  


Student counselors

contact by email

contact by phone

  • Talonpojankatu Campus, Kokkola 
    • Technology, business tel. 040 120 9878, 044 725 0406, 040 185 6689
    • Social services tel. 044 725 0562
    • Humanities and education tel. 044 449 2643
    • Music tel. 044 725 0778
  • Vierimaantie Campus, Ylivieska
    • Technology 044 449 2571
    • Social services tel. 040 184 8527
    • Business tel. 044 449 2660
    • Humanities and education tel. 044 449 2643
  • Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari tel. 040 073 4107  
    • Business tel. 040 729 9969


Study psychologist

Your primary guidance comes from your teachers. The study psychologist helps with study-related concerns that have not been resolved in other counseling. For direct health issues, diagnosis, and/or medication you can consult your doctor or visit a common health nurse to guide you further.

If you wish to explore your situation and adaptation in a counseling session, you can book an appointment with the study psychologist. Our goal is to clarify the overall life situation, to develop studying skills, to increase your self-efficacy, and to discover new thinking patterns. If you have long-term issues with mental health that require health care, rehabilitation, or a treatment plan you should consult the common health nurse or doctor. Visiting study psychologist does not replace treatment or therapy but can be additional support. The services and conversations with study psychology are confidential and free of charge

Here are some links to support your study wellbeing:




Study psychologist Tiia Lumilaakso

contact by email:

contact by phone, preferably by SMS:

  • tel. 040 808 5120


Study pastors of university of applied sciences

contact by email:

contact by phone:

  • Talonpojankatu Campus, Kokkola / Reetta Mourujärvi / tel. 050 314 7260 (notice! also whatsapp)
  • Vierimaantie Campus, Ylivieska / Riikka Talvitie / tel. 040 711 8622 

contact via social media:  

  • Facebook "Pappi Reetta Mourujärvi"
  • Instagram "Pappireetta"


Student health care services during the pandemic

Starting 1 January 2021, the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) will provide student healthcare services for all higher education students.


Student Union COPSA

COPSA is the Student Union of Centria University of Applied Sciences and it supervises the students’ rights and interests and organizes events and other activities for students and trains student tutors. You can find more information about the Student Union COPSA by visiting the web page www.copsa.fi and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/opiskelijakuntacopsa/ 


Retake of exam

The retake exam on 15.4.2020 is canceled. There are no retake exams in June.

Please, contact the teacher of the study module – we try to organize the exams in substitutive ways.

It is possible to do the maturity test remotely. You must settle this with your counselor/teacher.

(Updated 28th May 2020)


Work placement

In work placement, follow the rules of your employer. The work placements are continuing as usual for now, but beware there might be changes in the employer’s situation.

Centria informs about open jobs and traineeships in the Yammer group Työ- ja harjoittelupaikat / Open vacancies and traineeships. You find Yammer by signing into Centria O365 and by clicking in the upper left corner and choosing the Yammer App.


Exchange studies

It is recommended that all the exchange students and students who are doing their work placements abroad return to Finland.

We are monitoring the situation regarding the exchange studies that are planned for next fall. Meanwhile, we are processing the applications as usual and preparing to execute the exchange periods as scheduled.


The closing ceremony of the academic year

The closing ceremony of the academic year on 12.6.2020 will not be organized as planned. Follow our website, we will inform the new date and how the ceremony will be organized on our website.


Library services

Centria campuses will be closed between 18.3.-13.5. and the library's customer service will be available only remotely between Mon-Fri 9-15.

Customers of the library can visit the library and use the self-service machines for borrowing items between 9-15 by calling the janitor while being at the campus. The janitor's phone number can be found at the main entrance.
Remember to have your library card with you! You can see the barcode of your library card also when logged in to Centria-Finna and by clicking your name on the upper corner of the screen and by selecting library cards.

During 18.3.-13.5. items available in the library can’t be requested online, and there will be no overdue fines from this time. Interlibrary loans and book transfers between Kokkola and Ylivieska are also unavailable.

The loan times for renewed books are extended until 1.6.

Customer service and guidance will be available remotely via e-mail and phone and all of our e-materials are available as normal. (Updated 8.4.)


Centria Housing

Despite the Covid-19 the rents are to be paid as normal.

If you have difficulties in paying rent please contact without delay to make a payment plan.

All the rent agreement cancellations must be done via e-mail during this exceptional time. Please fill the cancellation form carefully and send it to Centria Housing. You can find the form on www.tankkari.fi.

You can return the key by leaving it to the apartment when you move out or you can drop it to the key return box (Tankkari 3 and 5). Please inform Centria Housing when you have moved out and cleaned the apartment and tell where you have left the keys so that Centria Housing will know then they can do the room inspection.

If you live in Uusimaa, you can cancel your agreement as long as you can prove your residency is in Uusimaa. The rent agreement ends at the end of the month when the canceling was done. The procedure takes place in March and April 2020. We will give a resident living in Uusimaa for example a certificate regarding relocation if needed.

For everyone else the agreement with a month notice period is valid and rent must be paid as usual.

Tankkari offers also this year a possibility to halve the rent during June, July, and August. You don’t have to empty the apartment but you must return the keys to the office in an envelope with a note with the following information: name of the inhabitant, exact address, e-mail address, name the months of which you want to halve the rent. You cannot stay in the apartment. Only the rents of shared flats can be halved.

The key must be returned to the office (you can’t leave it to the apartment)

  • May 29th
  • June 30th
  • July 31st

(Updated April 7th, 2020)


If you have any questions regarding how the coronavirus will affect your studies, you can contact our Student Affairs Office (studentoffice@centria.fi). We will find the answers to your questions and publish them also on this site as the answers may be helpful for others as well.



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