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Student tutors


Student tutors help the new students in the beginning of their studies. The tutors help the new students to get familiar with the new school and town and to make friends.

If you have any questions about the student life at Centria UAS, don't hesitate to contact your tutors. You can find their contact information below:



International tutors, Information Technology

Long Tran (long.tran@centria.fi)


International tutors, Nursing

Sami Shrestha (sami.shrestha2@centria.fi)
Sudha Shrestha (sudha.shrestha@centria.fi)


International tutors, Exchange student tutors

Adelina Chachanidze (adelina.chachanidze@centria.fi)
Tiia Isosaari (tiia.isosaari@centria.fi)
Daria Smigowska (daria.smigowska@centria.fi)
Alexander Sokolov (alexander.sokolov@centria.fi


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