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Residence permit

After you receive your acceptance letter from Centria UAS you should check the immigration formalities. Make sure that you have enough time to complete all the necessary steps in order to get your residence permit process ready in time.

The regulations concerning the stay in Finland and the visa regulations can be found on the web page of the Finnish Immigration Service http://www.migri.fi/frontpage.

You must submit your residence permit application to Finnish embassy in the country of your legal residence.

Through e-service you can access residence permit applications related to studies in the case of both the first permit and extended permits (http://www.migri.fi/studying_in_finland).

  • If you have submitted your application via e-service, you need to visit a Finnish embassy to verify your identity and to present the original copies of any supplements needed for the application.

Please note that Centria UAS cannot influence the decisions made by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland regarding residence permits.


Student's health insurance and sustainable means of support

For students coming to study in Finland for more than two years, medical insurance covering the duration of the visa and the Schengen area is required in order to obtain a student residence permit. Comprehensive insurance cover means insurance which includes the types of treatment and costs that are covered by municipal health care services and the health insurance system. A residence permit cannot be issued for a period exceeding the period of the insurance cover.

  • For studies of less than two years in duration, a student must have private insurance which primarily covers the costs of medical treatment up to 100,000 euros.
  • When the duration of the studies is two years or more, a student will usually have a home municipality in Finland and is therefore entitled to municipal health care services. In such cases, it is sufficient for the insurance to primarily cover the cost of medicines (in practice the cover extends to doctor’s fees and costs of treatment and examination); up to 30,000 euros.

The student visa requirements include also yearly deposits as a proof of sustainable means of support. If later on, it is found that the student does not possess the funds originally stated when applying for the residence permit, the permit can be cancelled and the student deported.

A student applying for a residence permit needs to show that they have 6720 Euros for the next 12 months.

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