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Information for new students


Dear new student,

you are warmly welcomed to start your studies at Centria University of Applied Sciences.

Orientation days

Your studies will start with orientation days in January 2022. We have already published some of the orientation days' programmes. You can click the name of the degree programme to see the orientation days' programme. We will update this page before the orientation days if there are any changes in the programmes.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Management, Kokkola 10 Jan 2022 at 09.00-14.45
Tradenomi (AMK), liiketalous, monimuoto, Pietarsaari 7.1.2022 klo 9-16
Tradenomi (AMK), liiketalous, monimuoto, Ylivieska 7.1.2022 klo 9-16
Tradenomi (AMK), digitaalinen liiketoiminta, muuntokoulutus, Kokkola 11.1.2022 klo 17-20
Sosionomi (AMK), monimuoto, Kokkola 10.-14.1.2022 
Aloitus maanantaina klo 8
Terveydenhoitaja (AMK), muuntokoulutus, monimuoto, Kokkola 17.-19.1.2022
Aloitus maanantaina klo 8.30
Insinööri (AMK), sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikka, monimuoto, Ylivieska 12.-14.1.2022
Aloitus keskiviikkona klo 12

Instructions for students during corona situation

Due to the guidelines of the Finnish Government the orientation days will be organized online.

We are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and following the instructions of the officials. You can find our updated Coronavirus instructions here.

Together we can keep our campuses safe! Do not hesitate to contact your tutor teacher, head of the degree programme, or student healthcare personnel, if you have any concerns regarding the Covid-19 situation.

Welcome to Centria University of Applied Sciences!

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