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Digistart for new Centria student

During your studies, you will need several digital tools. After you have received your user account (username and password) to Centria, you can log in to itslearning learning management system via the Centraali portal: http://centraali.centria.fi/ or directly https://centria.itslearning.com/

For instructions on how to get your username and password, please visit Centria's Password Reset Portal (choose Account registration option).

In itslearning, you can find a workspace called Digistart that will open on 1.8.2021. The idea of Centria Digistart is to familiarize you with Centria's IT systems related to learning. You can begin Digistart right after you have got your user account, even if the studies have not yet started. This helps you when the actual courses start as you already know the learning tools Centria uses and their possibilities.

You will need 1 - 5 h to go through the material. After this, you can check your knowledge with a small multiple-choice test.

The course material is available during your whole study time.

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